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Looking for a whiteboard that is made of premium quality and that won't hurt your wallet? Zhidian has an extensive set of products – each perfectly designed to tailor every need and requirement!

About the Manufacturer

For more than years of dominating both the local and global market, Zhidian is a professional, reliable manufacturer of premium quality white board. We have been delivering thousands of board products, including blackboard, melamine whiteboard, soft wood board, magnetic white board, and so much more! The company strives more to bring only the best products in the market for ultimate buying experience and satisfaction.

Why do Consumers Trust us?

The reasons are endless!

First thing first, our professionals are highly dedicated and passionate in everything they do and offer. Below are other reasons why depending on Zhidian for any of your white board needs is such a brilliant and practical decision:

Easy to Deal With

Talking about customer service! Of course, no one wants a dealer who doesn't stick to his words and actions. We all want a company that would give what our hard-earned dollars rightly deserves. And, this trait makes Zhidian a highly reliable manufacturer.

Quality Materials and Products

Rest assured that each product is made of top quality materials. This ensures a safe, long-term investment.

They Stand by our Values

Zhidian deeply cares about the products they make and the people they serve. They firmly believe in people-first design, sweat the details and work cooperatively so they can be able to find fresh ways to convert how their valued clients create, think, and work.

Happy Clients

For every company, seeing the happiness and satisfaction of their customers are priceless and beyond compare. The same goes with Zhidian. Their portfolios are a solid proof of all the various ways they have transformed the way people work, cooperate, and succeed.

What makes Zhidian Whiteboards Highly Sought-After?

Typically, a whiteboard is a magnetic metal sheet covered with a white, glossy surface. Also known as a dry ease board, it makes use of dry ease markers and is white in color. It makes a feasible asset in homes, offices, and classrooms. 

Seeing our board products may give you an insight that they are just similar to those you've already come across with. Well, sorry to disappoint you but we’re actually not! We always innovate our products to reach the level of quality and design that our clients need.

What's more...

...the whiteboards are simple, versatile, and reusable. Even non-experts can use the product with total ease since it doesn't require any special skills. Its versatility appeals to many, whether it is for classroom discussions, brainstorming sessions, interactive exercises, or others. Zhidian offers a wide variety of whiteboards which vary in features and size. Hand-held whiteboards, laminate whiteboards, two-hinged paneled whiteboards - name it! Plus, the boards are reusable, can be reused for spontaneous work and quick explanations. They are ideal for reading texts, explaining math problems, discussing activities, matching exercises, ranking activities, etc. Whiteboards can be fitted in mobile easels or mounted on walls.

...the whiteboards are non-messy. Zhidian boasts to offer whiteboards that do not produce allergenic and harmful dust particles, like those produced by blackboards. On the other hand, their markers can be easily wiped off and do not leave dust on clothing.

...the whiteboards are cost-efficient. The whiteboards produced by Zhidian are inexpensive, so those who are tight in budget but need a robust board either for personal or professional use can solely depend on the company.

...the whiteboards are participative. Another perk of getting a Zhidian whiteboard is that it encourages participation and is collaborative. A number of people can use it at any time, hence multiplying participation and response. Educators routinely use the item to motivate shy disinterested students as well as recognize and reward the efforts of fervent students. It is one of those that motivate pupils and teachers, increase interaction, and aid in concentration. Above all, Zhidian whiteboards make any learning experience educational and fun.

Similar to other products, the quality a whiteboard should not be overlooked. After all, it is intended for long-term use. Zhidian has all the products one needs for a whiteboard, and we are sure to satisfy your personal preference and wallet.