Magnetic Glass Board for Wall

Magnetic Whiteboard Sheet for Wall

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ZHIDIAN Small Whiteboard Desktop 12' x 10“

· Perfect size for desktop - W10” x L12”, weight: 0.9 lbs

· Aluminum frame for durable using

·  Angle-Adjustable for giving you the best writing experience

· Clean, Effortless Erasing, Non-ghosting

· Includes - 4 Markers,Eraser, Magnets, Note Pad, 1 Magnetic

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Magnetic Backed File Holder

· With Magnetic Back and Transparent Front

·  Acrylic Material for Long-lasting Use

· Convenient Display and Easily adhere to the Whiteboard, Steel Shelves, Refrigerator

· Available in 4 Sizes: A4, A5, A6 

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5-Pcs Magnetic Star Burst Signs, Writable & Erasable - $24.99


· Featured with dry-erase surface and magnetic backing.

· Write with whiteboard markers and wipe with eraser or rag.

· Reusable price board for garage sale.

· Available in 5 shapes

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I really liked the blackboard or better the wallpaper for children to write, it will look great in the children's rooms, as they will be able to play in the right place


It's the back drop for our Family Communication Center in our kitchen. We write on this nearly every day. I have never used any product or even water on the white board and it still as shiny and new looking as it was the day I hung it.

R.L. Smith

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