Have you ever noticed that the handwriting or drawings on the whiteboard have been left for a long time and become difficult to erase? Although these writings cannot be easily wiped off with paper towels, you can still use other simple methods to remove a permanent marker from your whiteboard surface.

Method 1 - Whiteboard Marker:

1.Take your whiteboard marker and draw over the permanent writing on the whiteboard.
2.Cover the writing by colouring over the permanent writing.
3.Take a dry clean cloth or whiteboard eraser and remove the writing off your whiteboard surface.
4.Repeat this method until the permanent writing is removed.

Method 2 - Cleaning Fluid:

1.Spray whiteboard cleaning fluid on the permanent writing.
2.Take a dry clean cloth.
3.Wipe the permanent writing off the whiteboard.

Method 3 - Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) with a concentration of 90% or more

1. The more common 70% isopropyl alcohol is not as effective as them. It is worth buying a potent isopropyl alcohol. But if you can only find 70% isopropanol, it can also play a role.
2. Clean the whiteboard with a whiteboard eraser to ensure that there is no dust, and then clean again with a soft dry cloth.
3. Wet the whiteboard thoroughly with a sponge or soft cloth dipped in alcohol. Wipe a small part of the whiteboard with the sponge first, then wipe it again with a clean dry cloth while it is still wet. Rinse the sponge with warm water and wring it dry. Repeat the above process until the entire whiteboard is cleaned.


Mixing baking soda with alcohol can also effectively remove old writing. When wiping the whiteboard, do not apply too much force. When wiping the whiteboard with paper towels, first fold the corner of the paper towel and wipe the whiteboard with the corners, so that the stains can be removed more accurately.

I hope you found this tutorial beneficial and I would really appreciate a share!

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