There are so many benefits to replacing traditional whiteboards with whiteboard surfaces.

Traditional whiteboard installation is complicated, transportation is easy to cause damage, and the writing area is limited, which is easy to cause a bad consumer experience.

Whiteboard substitutes are usually faster and easier to install, and you aren’t limited by size.

But, with so many whiteboard alternatives available, you may be wondering which product would best suit your needs?

Well, worry not. Today we’re comparing whiteboard paints, whiteboard wallcoverings and whiteboard films, so that you can make an informed decision about which product to use.

Whiteboard Paint: The Low Cost Whiteboard Alternative

Whiteboard paint is a low-cost whiteboard product that does not require professional installation, making it an excellent DIY option.

You only need to apply a layer of whiteboard paint, you must wait 7 days after application before using the whiteboard surface, so that there is enough time for the paint to cure.

You can apply whiteboard paint onto any type of smooth surface, from walls and partitions to desks and doors.

Whiteboard Wall Sticker: The Rapid Installation Whiteboard Alternative

Want to get a high-performance whiteboard wall in a short time?

You can rapidly install dry erase wall sticker and use it just 24 hours after application. This whiteboard sticker can be hung just like any wallpaper, by any professional.

There are adhesive and non-adhesive styles to choose from, and non-adhesive style whiteboard stickers are removable.

It is a great option for schools or any space that wants to start using their new whiteboard surface as quickly as possible. It is also non ghosting, making it perfect for frequent use.

This product is also low VOC and has no odour, making it suitable for application around people, and it is also suitable for children's graffiti use.

Self-adhesive Whiteboard Film: A Substitute For Writable Furniture Whiteboard

Want to turn your furniture into a writable surface? Then our self-adhesive film is the right product for you.

These self-adhesive films are also the fastest whiteboard products installed. Simply cut it to the desired size, then peel and paste it on the desired surface.

With the help of whiteboard film, you can transform desks, chairs, doors and more into whiteboard areas.

We do not recommend that you use our whiteboard film on the wall. Unless it is completely smooth, any defects on the wall will show up. Can be used on desks, doors, chairs, lockers and even glass.

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