Magnetic dry erase whiteboards provide a smooth writing platform that you can rely on with great functionality. Not only you can write down reminders, but you can also utilize magnets to hang papers on the board surface. Known to have a great value, magnetic boards are ideal for light use in a low-traffic area or a private office. Our products are a perfect option for communication needs in a home or office environment.

Magnetic dry erase boards are popular nowadays. And most often they are found in offices and classrooms. Some people believe that they become obsolete with the upsurge of electronic whiteboards. Nevertheless, they still have a special place in the market. As a matter of fact, they are more advantageous than electric whiteboards.

Electronic boards can seem practical, special, and new-fangled. But they have lots of downsides. The first problem other people may encounter is lack of electricity supply. So it cannot be used. In a classroom without power points, they cannot be utilized. While you can use an extension cord to power the whiteboard, it can become a safety hazard. Another problem is when connecting a device to the board, you can experience compatibility issues. If you are a bit familiar with the technicalities of the problem, you may find it easy to address. However, most people cannot do that.

Here at Zhidian, we have magnetic dry erase boards that are of high quality. We use excellent materials, making our whiteboards long-lasting. We have the latest technology and a pool of talented professionals. That’s why we stand out from the completion.

Below are the benefits that have been associated with our products.

Most types of whiteboard will leave marks when used with a marker. This is commonly called ghosting. You can see the things that you have been drawn on the board. So, it is imperative to select a style of board that protects itself from ghosting. Our magnetic dry erase boards have that special feature. For more information, feel free to contact us.

Many people get enticed by cheap whiteboards. At first, they believe it cannot cost them an arm and a leg. But once the edge and the surface have scratches after a frequent use, they will realize that they make a wrong decision. Our Magnetic dry erase boards are available at a fair and reasonable price. Although they may seem expensive, they are money-saving. Their performance is more than their value.

Unlike electronic whiteboard and other options online, our magnetic dry erase boards last for a long time. Despite the years of use, they will remain effective. They will not disappoint you. Instead, they will become a source of your happiness.

Our magnetic whiteboards are the best type of educational board. They can also be used in offices. They allow more flexibility than other options. We use special magnets that allow you to move visual aids without a hard time. This can help you convey ideas more simply than you think. If you have been using an inefficient whiteboard, it’s time to switch to our boards. Give our products a try and see how amazing they are.

Like other reliable service providers in the market, our magnetic boards come in a wide variety of sizes. They are more flexible than the electronic whiteboard. This means that they can fit into unusual or unique spaces. For other sizes, Zhidian is always ready to give you a hand. Our people are friendly and professional whom you can count on and trust.

Our Team

Serving our clients over the years now, we take pride in our team. It composes of skilled people that have been the reason why we are able to offer the best solution in the industry. Without our pool of highly experienced and capable staff, we could not become a topnotch company for everyone.

Whether your board is not working properly or a partially damaged, Zhidian comes to your rescue. Aside from our magnetic dry erase boards, we have other options for all. We have whiteboard of different sizes that can go beyond your expectations and requirements. For further details, contact us any time of the day. You can also send us an email to get a free quote.

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