These days, we pay attention to every object around us. The market is packed with hundreds or even thousands of products with similar properties and characteristics that give customers a hard time in choosing the right one. Consumers’ decisions are supported by multi-hour and cautious research. We cannot blame them for doing that because of many unreliable products. The same thing happens when it comes to selecting a magnetic board for children.

With the countless options available, it’s hard to know the best product. Here at Zhidian, we have high-quality choices. We utilize the finest material and state-of-the-art facility, making us one of the trusted companies in the country. Our magnetic boards are specially catered and kids-friendly.

Below are a few reasons why many teachers, parents, and other people choose us:

  • Ergonomics and Safety


Our magnetic boards are made of excellent materials that guarantee reliability and durability. When designing our magnetic white boards, we make sure that they are user-friendly. That’s why our products are safe and easy to assemble. We adopt the materials used to the size and weight of the whiteboard. Also, our boards don’t have protruding elements. They don’t pose a hazard during use. The only protruding element is a marker shelf or an aluminum chalk because of their special protective caps.


When it comes to the surface, we have maximum lacquer. A good example is a mat for chalkboards and polish for dry erase. Another thing that our clients love about our solutions is that they are highly distinguished by amazing stability, adherence to the wall, and stiffness. Furthermore, the ergonomics and security of our magnetic boards for kids are confirmed by the government.


  • Endurance and Durability


Serving the industry for years now, we realize that kids – thru testing and unconventional techniques to a lot of things – foster their creativity. We also realize that they don’t always employ objects. That’s why we do our very best to provide high-quality magnetic whiteboard. Throughout the production, we only utilize selected and ideal raw materials that guarantee a good resistance to potential damages such as deformations and scratches. With our products, every kid can explore the world, unleash their innate skills, and become a competitive learner.


  • Great Functionality


While selecting the perfect magnetic board, it’s necessary to pay more attention to its functionality, including application, features, and properties. Magnetic whiteboards allow you to hang photos and notes that play a crucial role in the teaching and learning process. If you hand the whiteboard above the kid’s desk, teachers can attach every learning material properly. If the board is primarily utilized for writing, think of an overprint that makes it simpler to write. Dots, squares, or discreet lines will be useful for kids who are starting their adventure in writing.


  • Customization to All your Specific Needs


Our magnetic boards have a lot of functions. To name a few, you can write on them with a marker or hang graphics using magnets. Today, boards are utilized in different rooms such as children’s rooms, lecture halls or classrooms. Users are both adults and kids. Considering these factors, we realize that it’s difficult to create a universal edition of whiteboard. Therefore, we provide various types of magnetic boards, from chalk, white, to triptychs. There is also a range of sizes. If you cannot find the size of your choice, worry no more as we make a special order.


  • Aesthetic Value


With the growing number of options in the market, we pay attention to every object that surrounds us. Aside from the functionality, the design of a magnetic board is salient too. Our products are made with care. We consider even the smallest details. Our team carefully finishes our board, making it a real pleasure. As a result, you can present your content in a better, easier, or more visible way.

There you have it! For you to get a free quote, contact us as soon as possible. You can also send us an email for further details. Get in touch with Zhidian and find out why many of our clients make us their number one option. Unmatched commitment? Excellent products? We have everything you need. Be one of our growing list of happy customers now!

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