Questions 1: has anyone tried using this in a classroom?
Answer: I haven’t.

Questions 2: Is the measurements in inches or foot? 36 x 24.
Answer: The measurements are in inches.

Questions 3: Can I use it outdoor?
Answer: Yes.

Questions 4: Can you use Wallpaper paste to install?
Answer: I honestly don't know. This is a little heavier than wall paper. The tape and pins that were provided worked fine for us.

Questions 5: How strong is the magnet? Can I use it to display my magnets?
Answer 1: It doesn’t hold heavier magnets. I have around100 magnets, about half will hold...the rest are on the sides of my refrigerator.
Answer 2: I have put quite a few heavy magnets on and they are holding great. I put the board up on the side of one of my kitchen cabinets. It's been up about a month and no problems.
Answer 3: I think light magnets hold just fine, but anything heavy seems to slide.

Questions 6: Is the chalkboard paper backing magnetic?
Answer: Hi, thank you for your question, this is a magnetic receptive chalkboard that can holds magnets on the surface, not the fridge chalkboard, it features non-adhesive backing that can stick to the smooth surface with double-sided tapes, such as glass surface, smooth wall.

Questions 7: I want to glue this permanently to a hard backing. Anybody done that? What glue did you use?
Answer: I highly recommend that & wish I’d have done it I taped the boarder to the wall

Questions 8: Can you use chalkboard markers on it?
Answer: Yes, they work fine. Just a little bit of elbow grease to wipe it off.

Questions 9: Can it be reused?
Answer: Hi, Thank you for your question, it can be reused since it is non-adhesive back and we provide nano tape. which is removable and restick again, the nano tape will not ruin your wall.

Questions 10: Hi. we, my daughter and i, wonder if these hold story/poetry magnets? we bought the magnets here in amazon and we love them. she uses it for teaching.
Answer: Hi,Yes, it can hold your daughter's story magnets, this chalkboard is magnetic, can hold mostly magnets in the market.

Questions 11: Can I use a damp cloth to clean the chalk off? Cloth that comes with it won't clean it. .
Answer: Yes, you can use a damp cloth to clean the chalk off.

Questions 12: Is this reusable? Can I wipe it and write again?
Answer: Yes, it comes with a rag to wipe clean. It works great. My daughter loves the magnetic aspect too. We used for a child's play room. Great product.

Questions 13: The product says it has a thick rubber layer, does that rubber contain latex?
Answer: It does not contain latex.

Questions 14: There is a rough and a smooth side. Which side is back and which is writing surface?
Answer: Just a roll of chalkboard material, not an actual board.
Chalk writes well on it.