Questions 1: Could I write on both sides of the board?
Answers: Yes! Both sides are writable.

Questions 2: the rings/slider things on the side are in the way. What are they for?
Answers: It's a hook. You can take the whiteboard and hang it on the wall. Thank you.

Questions 3: Is this product for the white board and stand?
Answers: YES

Questions 4: What are the adjustable height options? I'm short and need one that I can adjust, but I prefer one on wheels.
Answers: This height adjustment means that the whiteboard can be freely adjusted to the height of the bracket.

Questions 5: Does this product have a white board on each side? Meaning, is it double sided?
Answers: One of the main reasons I chose this board is the double side feature. You can continue on the reverse side without erasing, people can keep up with the class then.