Questions 1: Can I cut it?
Answers: Of course, it can be cut.

Questions 2: Once you put on the wall can I take it off and put it back on again? Would Sticker on the back still work?
Answers: The upper magnetic writing chalkboard stickers can be taken off and put back on again, but the iron bottom rubber block of the lower layer is made of adhesive material. Because of its high viscosity, it cannot be reused.

Questions 3: How do I install this double-layer chalkboard?
Answers: Only simple 4 steps are required to complete the installation.
1.Using a pencil to mark the desired area (same size as the chalkboard).
2.Peel the paper backing of the base sheets, then stick them to the desired area one by one, use a cloth to push out all bubbles from behind the base.
3.Strarting in the left corner, roll the chalkboard out along the base from left to right, ensure all bubbles have been pushed out to the edge.
4.The chalkboard surface is magnetic just like a magnet, so you can remove it after install

Questions 4: Is the double-layer chalkboard magnetic?
Answers: The upper chalkboard is made of rubber mixed with iron powder, which can adsorb magnets well. And the bottom layer of the double-layer chalkboard is composed of multiple pieces of the adhesive-backed iron bottom, The small design of the iron bottom allows you to complete the installation quickly and flat without leaving air bubbles.