Looking for a whiteboard of different sizes for your business or classroom? With the growing number of options online, you can find the right option easily. However, it will not be as simple as that. It’s important to narrow your search that requires time and effort.

But no need to look further than Zhidian. We are a professional manufacturer of quality whiteboard. With our years of experience and wide knowledge, we have produced thousands of products. We take pride in our magnetic white board, blackboard, fabric board, melamine whiteboard, soft wood board, and many more.

We also have small and large whiteboard. Whatever the size you need, we have got you covered. We are a one-stop company that you can ever have. Plus, we have an exceptional customer support that will answer all your concerns.

Since the establishment of our company, our small and large whiteboard is a worthwhile and meaningful investment. We are proud to say that our products are affordable at a fair and reasonable price. We have a competitive pricing that’s available to all our whiteboards

Long Lasting Durability

Of course, everyone wants a whiteboard that lasts a lifetime. Here at Zhidian, our small and large whiteboards are durable enough to withstand the test of time. They are not the typical boards out there. Their lower-end surfaces may not scratch or dent. Even after years of use, the whiteboard of your option would remain as functional as possible. They would never stain or even ghost.  We make sure that our products are made of the finest materials. If you have been using whiteboard for years with high replacement costs, it won’t happen with Zhidian.

Erase Ability

Durable whiteboard is not enough to say that your option is a good investment. It must have an effective erase ability. Depending on how you’ll use your whiteboard, pay some attention to how clean your choice erases. For low or light profile use, melamine is an ideal surface for factory floors or break rooms.

Nevertheless, it requires the use of cleaners on a daily basis for a good performance. If you will use a whiteboard more frequently, it is advisable to buy a board with a writing surface made of porcelain. Compared to other whiteboards in the market, it requires much less cleaning. Here at Zhidian, we have different materials for you. You will never encounter a trouble cleaning it.

Special and Unique Features

Our small and large whiteboards also have awesome features. We have magnetic surfaces that can boost the scope of your presentations. We have higher end boards that are equipped with grid patterns, making writing in straight line or drawing diagrams much easier and simpler. Usually, the grids are not visible, so your audience will not be distracted. Whether you are presenting a business plan or delivering a teaching demo, it will be successful.


All our small and large whiteboards have a good warranty. Our innovative boards come with an impressive year guarantee. So, you can make a purchase with confidence. In case something unexpected happens, there are no worries. At Zhidian, our services are specially catered to your needs. Making you smile is our commitment.

Easy to Install

It’s a general rule that before you order a board, it should not be too large to fit thru the doorways to transport it to the place where it will be installed. That’s why we offer a variety of board sizes. You are rest assured to install your option in a short span of time. Instead of letting a professional install the board, you can do the job yourself.

The Surface Resists Staining

If the market residue is left on the whiteboard without a regular cleaning, stubborn stain will occur unless the surface is of high-quality. Here at Zhidian, the surface of our products resist staining. They do not retain market pigments. Plus, they can protect themselves from discolored look like ghosting.

For further details about our small and large whiteboard, please feel free to give us a call. With our customer support, we can answer your queries and other concerns in real time. So don’t waste your time? Take action today before it is too late.

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